Monday, December 26, 2016

New year, let it be a very happy new year. 2017

Dear readers,

It has been a while since the last post, however when realizing that New Year is coming just in 5 days, I could not let it go without any New Year’s post.  I know I am not a regular here but it is important to write something from time to time. Not only to write my thoughts down but also to make you read something obvious, which you keep forgetting all the time.

New Year, new expectations, new short or long goals. Time for changes, for forgiveness, for an overall change, for better.  But where shall we start? Shall we set the big goals all again and say that this time I will make it happen                       F O R  S U R E        ? like, I will finally lose weight, finally do more good, finally stop being selfish, finally care more about others…you name it. We create these big long-term goals in order to change and feel better with ourselves. But I just thought of setting new goals, which are divided into small steps. They say that there is no lift to success that you have to take stairs. Then why don’t we take those?
Little example,

I will lose 20 kg during 2017.  Sounds achievable right? But you also said that three years ago. So, lets maybe change it into “ I will lose 3kg monthly during 2017 ? Means… you will be more motivated by setting small goals and achieve one big faster?

I will stop being that selfish, spoilt person during 2017. Changing into: I will call my family from once to twice per week, I will ask others how they really are instead of treating them as your emotional trash?

In school I learned that the goals we set they have to be SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound.  Doesn’t it sound better and more achievable than one long-term goal with a further excuse ‘ actually 2017 is long enough to start next month, instead of now? ‘

Why do not we all agree that we will be better people for each other?  Very simple but I think each of us could think of becoming better person and get rid of bad habits.

Oh, and what happened to our everyday bullshit and games? Shall we maybe start from this?  Overthinking, analyzing instead of going with the flow and let it go?  I saw a good picture last time, somewhere on Instagram. A hand is holding very tight that rope. Next this hand becomes very red as keeping that rope causes  a lot of pain. Then saying appears ‘ sometimes its less painful to just let it go”

Another one, we are expected to ‘act smart’ and ‘interesting’ but not too interesting because we’ve got to leave a little to other people imagination.
From this spot I say hi to best friends J and L.
I placed some time ago this article about modern dating 2016, it is really interesting to if you’re curious, just scroll down and you’ll find it.

What about people we meet, who we like? We have to be constantly ‘busy’ or ‘out of reach’. We have a certain amount of time we have to wait before even thinking about replying to their message. But are we even allowed to use emoji’s? We start to become this person that we aren’t. We are now pretending to like what they like because we feel that will make them fall for us more. It will make us seem more attractive. Every. Single. Word has to be properly analyzed and your best friend(s) need to proof read before pressing send.
On the other hand, you can run after person, who does not run after you. So maybe let’s stop this game and just focus more on people who care, instead of running for others stupid and sick attention? Wearing our heart on sleeve isn’t easy. Being let down and mentally neglected is tough to bounce back from. But now this is time and we are all old enough to have this power and leave all shit behind us. Why? Just because it’s almost 2017 and this reason is good enough.

So please. You have next 5 days to define, who you were the last 365 days and if you like this person. If so, congratulations, you became a better one out of X number of world’s population. If not, then you also have 5 days to define, who you want to be for the next 365 days or for more. If you did so, start now.

31st of December 2016, 11.45 pm
Please prepare 12 grapes, which symbolize 12 different wishes for the next year and with each minute eat one. With this, make all your new wishes, dreams and even new you come true. *

*My Colombian fam taught me this, I believe this is a perfect symbol of starting new year and new you.

And now,

May all your wishes come true, be healthy, wealthy and be good. Respect others and treat them not how you want to be treated but how they want to be, as everybody is different.

Natalia xx


  1. You have a wonderful list of things, and I wish you all the very best for 2017, and always. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. You have a wonderful list of things, and I wish you all the very best for 2017, and always. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

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