Sunday, December 21, 2014

Colombia 2014

Dear readers,

Firstly, I would like to tell you all that I am in Colombia. Second, I would like to wish you a very merry xmas and a happy new year. Third, I am the happiest person ever while being in Colombia.

inspired by : bomba estereo-pajaros

Unless I came to Colombia for a very short time, I am so grateful to see everyone. My family, my home- the place full of emotions and memories, I am also very grateful that everyone treats my brother, who came with me as they do treat me. it is a very special feeling and from this place I would like to thank you to all my friends and family for that. I wont do anything special in Colombia, so no new pics from Caribbean ( my fav place). I decided to come to CO because I could not stand that something was missing in me. This 'something' is actually my whole world. During the past 4 years happened a lot. I came to CO for the first time, during one year I learned a life, then I started my IB school, I came back to CO, I was heartbroken, I graduated, I started my university in Amsterdam, where I met a very special people and now I am back to Colombia. During one night with my friends I got so many reflections, which is soo good. I feel like home, you have no idea how good it is to be back to the place you belong the most.
As my staying in Colombia is very short, I wont write much here until I wont experience everything inside me. However I would like to wish you sth very special, from my heart.

For this xmas and new year's eve I would like to wish you a lot of quality time with people who love you and you love them. And I would like to wish you a train of.... ( sorry for the message in Spanish)
' el tren de la esperanza.. cargado de felicidad, amor y buenas noticias. Que esta sea una maravillosa navidad y el 2015 ano no pare de sorprendelos'

Merry xmas, hopefully all our wishes and dreams will come true.


our first photo in Colombia, my bro so happy ^^

bday party, Bogota, club fabuloso

con las mochillas, typical Colombian bags, Bogota, Usaquen.

with my sisisisis

and here we go, Colombian food 

snapchatting with my Hugis

and relaxation time at home

Marry xmas, hopefully all our wishes and dreams will come true in 2015.
xx Poloca

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Juan Valdez coffee

Hello  Junge !

That’s my most commonly saying HELLO to guys from my University in Ams. Its been a lot of fun today but also very busy. We work as crazy for 12-13 hours daily but I never forget about my dearest followers. As I posted on my facebook fanpage ( if you did not like it yet, please do it ! ) I really miss my best Colombian coffee which always makes me awake. If I would have to choose where would I want to have a cup of coffee it wouldn’t be Starbucks, nor Costa but … JUAN VALDEZ. For those who does not know JUAN VALDEZ let me introduce some facts.

·      Juan Valdez is a fictional character who has appeared in advertisements for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia since 1958, representing a Colombian coffee farmer
·      Juan Valdez was initially portrayed by José F. Duval in both print advertisements and on television until 1969. José Duval died in 1993 at the age of 72.

·      Juan Valdez had been embodied by Carlos Sánchez since 1969 and voiced by Norman Rose. In 2006, Sánchez announced his retirement, and Carlos Castañeda, a grower from the town of Andes, Antioquia, was selected by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia as the new face of Juan Valdez.

·      There were 238 Juan Valdez coffee shops in 2013, 135 in Colombia and 35 shops in other countries. Juan Valdez brand coffee is available in Chile, Costa Rica, Aruba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Spain, Kuwait, and the United States at supermarkets and Juan Valdez coffee shops. Just 3 weeks ago new Juan Valdez coffee shop opened in Miami downtown.

What makes this coffee unique? Its very personal. In my opinion, when you taste it, you really feel coffee, not the artificial coffee syrup which is served by Starbucks or other commercialized coffee shops.  Honestly saying, I saw how people collect coffee, I saw how they select each grain separately, I saw theirs passion for that. It is also shocking info that coffee collectors earn 1 dollar per day + “stuff lunch”. Everybody knows that it is nothing however it has nothing in common with commercializing or cheap labour. People do that in Colombia. Normally, the coffee collectors live on a farm or very close to it. I can say that they live + smell + fulfill theirs life with coffee. It has to be a passion, nah? I was super delighted when I could spend a day with coffee collectors. I helped them with collecting coffee and do all the procedures, step by step to obtain a cup of coffee and drink it J . Afterwards I also had opportunity to put all grains into the wool bags which were taken by a truck in a very next day. What next ? coffee shops around Colombia. It is pretty funny for me that those coffee grains I have collected were used, reproduced and put into the wool for sale.

Juan Valdez reminds me of the most moments spent with my friends in malls or in Cartagena. Drinking coffee in JV coffee shop was such a pleasure. I could choose my coffee, not only “tinto” which means just a black coffee and its drunk in Colombia everyday for breakfast  but also cappuccino, Frappuccino and much more.  Probably you can find JV coffee at the airports. For those interested to this coffee please contact me and I can help you with finding it.

Have a lovely day
Natalia Skotnicka

Thursday, August 28, 2014

missing one puzzle

Hello  my dear friends and travelers,

Since a month I am deeply absorbed with others  exchange blogs or facebook groups. It is unbelievable hard for you coming back home and adapt into new-old environment. For those who just came back from their exchanges, I feel really sorry for you guys and if you would like to share with ur feeling, youre more than welcome to email me.

The only reason why I havent posted anything since a month or so is just being busy with moving out from Poland to The Netherlands. As I wrote in the previous post, I just moved to Amsterdam. I started my university week ago and there is a new chapter in my life, which I call " from caterpillar to the butterfly " sweet, isnt it ? I am super excited, cause in 3 weeks I will host my Colombianhost family here, in Ams. Just can not wait more till I will see my mom, dad and lovely auntie. It has been 1,5 year since we havent seen each other, thats a lot. I am sure we are going to spend hours talking.

I will probably go to Colombia in December or february. As soon as I will know my exactly schedule I will book my ticket. Does anyone want to go with me?
Responding on all your emails and PM I am really happy to give you more knowledge about Colombia. More I travel around Europe, more people I meet, I find out that people are really scared going to South America, specially Colombia. I am here for you guys to break the ice and help with organizing your trip. I am not the travel agency, however I know a lot and I know what Europeans are afraid of and what they should be aware of. I am really happy to help people discover Colombia. I do that from last 3 years and you have to believe me that there is nothing better than chatting about CO.
If you are planning your trip to Colombia soon, send me an email and I will give you the best advices and tell you the crazy ideas for having (safe) fun there !

Coming back to the "hottest" topic which is right now ..coming back "home" I would like to quote one girl. I saw her thoughts on facebook and she gave me permission to publish it.

 " So you come back and, to be honest, it is terrifying. I was more afraid seeing Zagreb from the plane two weeks ago than I was seeing Mexico in the same way a year ago. So you cry the first night and keep repeating how you want to go back, but in the end you pull it together and start living it day by day.
People ask the usual questions, "How was your trip?" (trip, huh), "Are you back for good now?" ("If 'for good' means the next six months, then yes.") and my personal favourite "How does it feel now?". The question leaves me mouth and eyes wide open until the interrogator gives an answer themselves "You feel like you never left, like you are living a dream, right?" and I just smile and nod.
The truth is, I still don't know how I feel about being back, about this place. I have spent nights trying to write something that would help me understand. I don't know if I feel and think too much or nothing at all, so I can't write.
But it doesn't feel like I had never even left, it doesn't feel like a dream at all. Of course, the answer to that question could never be made small enough to fit into the building hallways or a tram station, so I just smile and nod. But I guess it really feels like... not enough. Just... wide open and half empty. It feels like missing puzzle pieces that have been gone for some time now and you are aware of that, but there is nothing really you can do. You can call the puzzle whatever you want, a heart, a soul, but still it feels more like something a butcher would be responsible for. That is the price of travelling, losing your puzzle pieces, finding the place where you belong and falling in love half way across the world and then leaving.
I watch people now, mostly those I don't get along with, those close-minded people that couldn't believe I am going alone to México for a year. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it had a price, and in that, I guess they were right. So I watch them, and in the same time I envy them and pity them. They have never left this place (and they most probably never will), they are in relationships that last years, if they ever had to be separated from their partner, family, friends it was at most for a few weeks. They have no puzzle pieces missing. So how do I explain when they ask how it feels, the feeling of leaving everything you love behind. How easy it is. How goodbyes are said hundreds of times, but never really meant and then you're gone. How you are driving through that city for the last time and it feels like flood is coming up behind you, drowning everything out. How the world is so small when you are halfway above the ocean.
How fucking easy it is to just leave and you cannot believe your feet are moving one in front of the other when your heart is shedding behind you and then you are in your home town coming out of the airport and you cannot believe you are still there after all the tears you spilled into the ocean and then the two weeks passed and you are still trying to write the letter, but how do I write that we will be okay when I am afraid my puzzle will fall apart without all the missing pieces.
Those close-minded people, I envy them and pity them both because they do not know this kind of pain. My heart and soul feel half empty now because when I left they grew larger. Sometimes I want to be just like them, fall in love with my next-door neighbour, not question any of the authorities, never leave my little old town, because just imagine having a life like that... Imagine kissing the one you love every day. Imagine seeing your best friend at school every day. Or just, imagine seeing them, kissing them, being able to touch them and feel the warmth of their skin and not the computer screen... So yeah, sometimes I think they were right and I want to be just like them, silly and shallow and whole and having the comfort of fighting with people and not breaking my head over the fact that I'm leaving in three days and should not be fighting right now!
But most of the time I am really thankful for the pain and my missing puzzle pieces because without losing them I would never know the joy of finding them again and I would never appreciate having them the same. "
Paula Torres. 

strong huh?  When I was reading it for the first time ( out of hundred) I felt like her. I felt like every exchange student in the world, coming back and trying to adapt. It is hard. I know that and I survived it also. But it gets better and you built a new, different life. Coming back to your home city will  never be the same as you had before you left. You have changed, your friends have changed, everybody got more mature but you see the world in different lights. You feel like you dont belong here anymore, you feel like you should just leave everything here and come back to you exchange country? 
well I had questions like that in my head too, Ive been crying for nights and months but now when I am totally over the big "coming back depression" I started to appreciate each day I have spent in Colombia and what is the most important, I started to take my life seriously. Colombia for me is not just a country I went to my exchange, partied all year long and made friendships forever Ok, everything is really important but FOR ME, the most important thing I have learned there is LOVE. Love to people, to culture, to family and to spread the love around you. That is what I do here, online,, I spread the love and knowledge about Colombia and I do it with passion. I would love to help each person who is scared going there. In my opinion, you have last 7-10 years to visit Colombia, cause after some time it is going to be so americanized and latin culture can disappear with time. But it is only mine, personal thing. 

so, does anyone want to share with coming back feelings ? Do you remember how you get welcomed by all the people at the airport ? I DO and it is unbelievable how hard is stop missing your moments of your life. 

Natalia Skotnicka

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2nd anniversary of ending my exchange.

2nd anniversary of ending my exchange. I can not believe how  fast time flies. Some people read this blog regularly, some of you are new here. This is why I would like to answer on a really important question, which is asked by everyone when you are back from your exchange. I did not know the answer, until now. 

get your pack of chips, sit comfortable and enjoy my post. 

“So What Exactly Happened in Colombia?”


Eleven months.
What can happen in eleven months?  Sure, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring fly by, and most kids my age can tell you about the school year, the friendships they’ve made or lost or even talk about all of the wonderful formals and proms they attended.  We, exchange students can tell you the same things, but the one major difference is that we’ve experienced everything in a whole new culture; different from everyone else back home. That is why we have problems with being understood by people, who have not been on an exchange. 

My New Life.
When my mom came to visit me in Colombia in May I truly didn’t feel comfortable with her there.  I was really excited to see her for the first time in eight months and I really couldn’t put a finger on why I didn’t feel at ease with her here, but everything just seemed really awkward.  I just couldn’t seem to act like myself around them. Once I told her that during this year without her I grew up, people taught me things which she didnt, I experienced moments that she did not even dream about.  That is exactly what an exchange is. It’s a whole new world. I learned to live without my parents, siblings, friends here. I had families, friends, routines and experiences, which didn’t include them. When it all comes down to it, I’m leaving behind my new world.

Same Experiences. Different Situations.
I remember having a nerve racking first day of school. Back home I would have been nervous because of the new school year but this year it was just because I didn’t understand any of the language being spoken.  I’ve done and been through so much this year.  My life here has been tweaked to become the life of an exchange student. I have true friends to last a lifetime, not from my childhood and not because I’ve grown up with them. They are from Brazil,  the United States, and especially Colombia.  They are friends to last forever because we have been through this emotional journey with each other. I learned how to dance, but not at school or at a studio but in a hostel while traveling with exchange students or during familiar events. I learned a whole new language not online nor taking classes at school but by living within the language, being immersed right into the culture, lifestyle and language of Colombia, the language of love and kindness. 

The Little Things to You Aren’t So Little to Me.
Since arriving here, I  carried tissues in my pocket everywhere I went.  I wore  slippers in my house all of the time.  I used more coins there than I ever have back home.  I learned to not hate anything I eat but to just not enjoy it.  I also learned to have very simple conversations. You might not think anything of all these examples, but behind each is a story.
I carried tissue everywhere now because from the first day in Cucuta I got terrible allergy on grass, trees and everything what green is.
I wore slippers in the house and outside cause there was too hot to wear anything else. At home the floor was too hot that I had to wear them, outside it was too hot to wear even ballerinas. 
I used a lot more coins here because in most places you could not pay by card as I was used to it in Poland. 
I ate a lot while I was here in Colombia!  I mean a lot!  Before I came to Colombia I had a fear of certain vegetables and fruits and I would never try anything that didn’t look pleasant to me back home. Because I didn’t know most of the food there and the fact that I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings I tried everything and I can honestly say that there were a few dishes that didn’t please my taste buds, but the more I tried things the easier it was to tolerate certain foods I didn’t like. I have also grown to enjoy certain foods and really love others that I would never touch back home. That is why I gain over 15kg. It was really hard to get rid of unnecessary kg and many people hurt me while gossiping about me or just making fun of me. Do I regret? not even a gram of food. Because the beauty is not from the outside, but in the inside. No one in Colombia has hurt me talking about my oversize ass, in Poland, everyone. 
I’ve learned to make small talk with the elderly during familar events . There are many elderly in my colombian family and sometimes they just start a random conversation. It made me a little uncomfortable at first having these total strangers talk to me but over time I became really interested to see what they would say to me. I found out that a lot of the elderly in Colombia are interested in II World War and that is why our small talk was so interesting because I had many things to say. 

What I Miss.
Everything. Simple and cheesy, but so true. When I left PL there were some things I wouldn’t miss so much because I was so used to them or I wanted a break from certain things for a year. Just a year! However, Colombia I haven’t had enough of anything! It has only been a year, and it wasnt too long before I returned but Yes, I miss the food and fresh fruits. Caldo- the best soup for hangover, all type of fruits I have tried. and what is the most important.. PEOPLE. People with who I am in touch now are my real friends, forever. And we now that. 
I  truly miss my families. My mothers, my sisters and my big brothers. I feel like my mother’s have known me my whole life. It was so comfortable to enter their homes and take on the role as their daughter. They were their for all of my needs and they also took care of me like one of their own children. My sisters have always been there for me during my rough times and have been there to also make my stay here in Cucuta or Bogota more enjoyable. And my brothers? Well, they have defiantly never let me forget that I’m the baby sister that’s for sure! They we’re always very concerned about me and took care of me like bigger brothers do. They also did make this year more humorous for me. And the one thing that I will miss dearly is my home. COLOMBIA.  This will always be my second home. I’ve only lived here for 11 months but those 11 months were the most life changing months in my life and all of my experiences and changes took place there, in Colombia.

What I’ve Missed Out on This Year.
It is a bit painful that did not have the chance to experience a high school and prom with my friends and family back home in Poland, but I still feel blessed that I had an entirely different experience in Colombia with my new friends and family.
My now five year old sister has been growing up.  For me, I’ve only been able to experience it through photos, phone calls and recently video chat. I’ve missed her vocabulary tripling in size as well as herself sprouting into a little toddler. I’ve missed her excitement during Christmas, opening birthday presents, and Easter egg painting. I could say that I’m fine with missing my first year of Prom or missing one year with friends but my sister growing up without me is one of the hardest things for me to  miss. I could not wait to see a girl in front of me (instead of the baby I left), a mature high school boy (my about to be 16 year old brother Marcel and my sister's high school graduation) and I couldnt  wait to see my granny. Coming back to Poland was really hard moment for me, I can even say that one of the hardest moment in my life. Saying goodbye to some people forever, because it is simple and clear that not every friendships last. 

Goodbye Colombia.

 I had two weeks left and the heartbreak begun. I had to say my last goodbyes to all of the exchange students that went through this roller coaster journey with me. They are some of the people that I’ve grown to care about and love this year. All of my families have truly become apart of my life and leaving they will honestly be like leaving my family back home just ten months ago. I find it hard to sleep at night because my mind wanders in thought about my year here. Not one memory I have in Poland could ever slip my mind.
When I finally left Colombia, the most important things I took with me were my memories.  I will always remember every moment with my friends, I will always remember my time spent with my family in Bogota or Cucuta. I will always remember the times I was falling " in love " and the times when I had to say goodbye for the lovers. I will always remember Colombian parties and I will always remember my trip to Miami with my family, I will always remember my the most embarrasing moments and I will always remember the moments which made my cry from happiness. 
what is the most valuable to hear from your new friends, from other culture ? 
" Natalia, you are not just an exchange student, you are  now part of us" - Hugo, my dear friend. 

Before I began this journey, Colombia was just a word and I was told it was part drug business, but now I understand it is more than people or a place on the world map, it is part of my life. Forever.
Rotary was a group that helped me with this exchange program. I now see that it has allowed me connections with friends and places I never would have known. They are a group of people who selflessly give of their time to make us all better citizens.  Rotary has helped us all understand other cultures and hopefully we will mature to assist in growing a better world.
What am I doing now ? 
I just graduated, I got my IB diploma, I am 20 year old girl who is just the happiest person in the world. what did make me that happy? people, because PEOPLE are the most beautiful thing you could even have around.
From 20 August I am moving from Warsaw to Amsterdam to start a new part of my life. For those who would like to meet me in person or get more info about the exchange, please contact me via email.

Natalia Skotnicka,
Rotary Youth Exchange, Colombia, 2011-2012

Monday, June 23, 2014

#StyleEntry-because it's cool to give

question : What makes Colombian  being that happy ? 

Few months ago I met Joseph Amissah (instagram: @josephamissah ) who is the person who spreads positive vibe, happiness and makes all his followers happy. What Joseph and Colombians have in common ? they are good people who make simple things for people to show that real happiness can be found only in our sould and only WE are responsible for our inner happiness. 

" be the best that you can be, so you may inspire others through your actions and help thoseless fortunate " 

Honestly saying, thank to him I became more careless person and I started to enjoy each day as it would be the last. no regrets. I did not really believed in what he does but after being in touch and helping to spread his positive vibe, I noticed that people really enjoy it and through instagram everybody started to have fun with each other. 

Have you already seen those tshirts " I want to be just like Joseph" ? or have you seen his watches which are given for free ?? 

I became #StyleEntry soldier and it is my pleasure to be into it. At the beginning I also though that this is a part of " tagsForLikes" or smth similar but if you read his posts carefully you can also notice something which is infectious- simple things which will make you happy and you would like to share with those little things with others, beginners. 

these are just facts, check it out on his instagram @josephamissah and ORDER FOR FREE your TSHIRT, take photos and be in our group ! how to do it? just leave a comment under his post and you will get in touch with him.  I also serve with help. 
My Instagram : @nataliaskotnicka where you can see those thirts and watches. 
I got into it, because I've noticed that Joseph has smth in common with Colombians and after some weeks I realized that it is really cool to give! If you are ex exchange student, you have been in Colombia and you miss this climate, these good people, join to us ! I guarantee, that after some cool shots of you, getting in touch with  followers and ordering more things which will make you feel happy to spread others your happiness ! 

nothing more to add, check below my photos and see how those tshirts looks on others people via @josephamissah or @nataliaskotnicka instagram ! 

answer : Because Colombians live day by day " Carpie Diem" and they spread happiness by laugh and kind smile to others. 

" I want to be just like Joseph" - T-shirt

super cool white-blue watch. check also other colours ! 

xooxxo vuestra Poloca loca 

ps/ next post will be full of BRAZIL 2014 ! check it out soon ! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Colombia es passion- the video

If my blog does not convince you to go to Colombia, watch this video ! This video convinced me to leave Poland and start one year adventure in Colombia.

I still remember when my mom entered to my room, february 2011, and she told " Natalia, you have one day to make a decision where would you like to go on your exchange : Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela. Make up your mind quick"
I was not really sure which country should I choose and actually I did not even have a time to think WHERE should I go.. so first what I have done was watching this video. After 3 min I told my mom " mom, I chose COLOMBIA".

anyone wants to see more photos ? follow me on Instagram !
nick : nskotnicka

and that is how my Colombian adventure has begun.
and yours ? would you like to share with your experience ?

xo la Poloca

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LOOK UP- the movie

Hola gente !

I am during my exams so this post will be very short. I would like to publish a video in English with Spanish subtitles. " give people your love, not your like, go out to the life and leave distractions behind"
I dont want to give you any spoiler, then please, just watch it.

la Poloca

Look up - Gary Turk (Subtitulos español) (Levanta la vista)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Colombian reggeaton+ Andres DC

Hi guys,

after moments of excitations, studying and traveling between my home city and Warsaw I finally found some time to spend it on my blog. You have to be very understandable for me, cause in one week I start my IB exams (greetings for all IB students) so I will be just too busy till 19th May. Btw, keep finger crossed for me, I really need to PASS those exams to continue my education and my studies which will begin in mid of august in.. Amsterdam :)))

As I see you are pretty shy to leave comments under my posts but its fine, I AM REALLY HAPPY to receive more and more emails from your side! and even more happy that more people will travel to Colombia ! Last week I received emails from a  Polish woman who will travel there in mid July, then I got another email from an .. Indian woman who also will be there for a period of time and just now I am chatting with one girl who also loves Colombia as much as I do. guys, is it brillaint who you spread Colombia all over the world ?

Because of holidays, summer which are coming soon I decided to inspire you with some news about Colombia, my posts will be about music ( like this one) coffee, kitchen and more details which can also inspire you and make you wanting to visit Colombia.

As I mentioned before, I am looking forward LUFTHANSA promotions. It will show up by the end of July/beginning of August. So I can say and it is for sure that I will go to Colombia for 3 weeks in December. If ANYONE wants to go with me and is afraid of the journey and local hotels, please contact me and I will make my best to help you. I can offer you guys some attractions in Bogota, I can show you around and give some useful tips. soo if you are planning a trip to Colombia, please contact me via email ( )

now I would like to tell you smth about Colombian music and warm you up :)

as you probably now,or not, Colombia and all South America is very famous from REGGEATON. not everybody likes it or is used to it but it gets better when you get there :) from my experience, when I arrived to Colombia I really hated reggeaton, vallenato and merengue. Cause Europeans are more into electronic and pop or generally music which are on radio or in clubs. However in Colombia  you will listen ONLY reggeaton or vallenato. I had handle it for first... 6 months? and then I fell in love. The only problem with reggeaton is that YOU HAVE TO MOVE YOUR HIPS AND ASS. there arent any other movements than that. Thats why I couldnt dance, I was used to jump, then I had to switched to super sexy movements, salsa steps. Believe me or not but it is the best way to loose some calories :))) after one night my hips hurted so badly. but its fun, believe me. it is really hard to explain. from the first sight reggeaton seems to be like "european disco dance". Lyrics in those songs are generally described love, sex, couple-problems and generally love story. Its really funny but its really fun. If you are for the first time in Bogota and you dont know where to go to meet Colombian culture you have to go to ANDRES DC. or ANDRES CARNE DE RES. there are 2 restaurants from the same owner, which represents fully a Colombian culture. there you can dance to reggeaton, salsa and vallenato. After midnight you will also dance some electronic music, cause now Colombians also get into it. What is more, there you can find hostesses, waitress who are dressed in Colombian style and they are get close to you, sing songs for you and spread some dust around your table. It is reaaaallly nice experience to be there. I spent there my 18th bday 2 years ago and I got some unforgettable moments. The restaurant in the center of Bogota ( in ZONA T - the area of pubs and clubs) has 3 floors, which start with HELL and finishes with HEAVEN. You can also notice MILLIONS of accesorizes, angels, devils, hearts and others very funny figures which are attached to the ceiling. IT IS AMAZING. ( photos are from google or from official page)

If you LOOVE meat, then you will be just in heaven. Notice also the glasses ! they made theirs own glasses from which everybody drinks. You can also buy some in the store which is located in the 0 floor.
After visiting many places, clubs, bars, locals in Colombia I can say that ANDRES DC is THE BEST, especially for tourists. In one local you can explore everything what Colombian is. You can feel the music, taste local food and have some shots of AGUARDIENTE
( aguardiente is a local alcohol, very different from vodka but it hits your head the same :) ) 

according to music, I would like to promote some TOP reggeaton songs, which are really popular in Colombia, you can dance them in each club and hear it on all streets.
enjoy :) 

I hope you will enjoy some Colombian hits. You can find more on YT. Just click " reggeaton Colombiano" and just click any of those links.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and for those who writes IB exams in few days GOOD LUCK !

xoxoxo la Poloca