Saturday, May 10, 2014

Colombia es passion- the video

If my blog does not convince you to go to Colombia, watch this video ! This video convinced me to leave Poland and start one year adventure in Colombia.

I still remember when my mom entered to my room, february 2011, and she told " Natalia, you have one day to make a decision where would you like to go on your exchange : Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela. Make up your mind quick"
I was not really sure which country should I choose and actually I did not even have a time to think WHERE should I go.. so first what I have done was watching this video. After 3 min I told my mom " mom, I chose COLOMBIA".

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nick : nskotnicka

and that is how my Colombian adventure has begun.
and yours ? would you like to share with your experience ?

xo la Poloca

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