Monday, June 23, 2014

#StyleEntry-because it's cool to give

question : What makes Colombian  being that happy ? 

Few months ago I met Joseph Amissah (instagram: @josephamissah ) who is the person who spreads positive vibe, happiness and makes all his followers happy. What Joseph and Colombians have in common ? they are good people who make simple things for people to show that real happiness can be found only in our sould and only WE are responsible for our inner happiness. 

" be the best that you can be, so you may inspire others through your actions and help thoseless fortunate " 

Honestly saying, thank to him I became more careless person and I started to enjoy each day as it would be the last. no regrets. I did not really believed in what he does but after being in touch and helping to spread his positive vibe, I noticed that people really enjoy it and through instagram everybody started to have fun with each other. 

Have you already seen those tshirts " I want to be just like Joseph" ? or have you seen his watches which are given for free ?? 

I became #StyleEntry soldier and it is my pleasure to be into it. At the beginning I also though that this is a part of " tagsForLikes" or smth similar but if you read his posts carefully you can also notice something which is infectious- simple things which will make you happy and you would like to share with those little things with others, beginners. 

these are just facts, check it out on his instagram @josephamissah and ORDER FOR FREE your TSHIRT, take photos and be in our group ! how to do it? just leave a comment under his post and you will get in touch with him.  I also serve with help. 
My Instagram : @nataliaskotnicka where you can see those thirts and watches. 
I got into it, because I've noticed that Joseph has smth in common with Colombians and after some weeks I realized that it is really cool to give! If you are ex exchange student, you have been in Colombia and you miss this climate, these good people, join to us ! I guarantee, that after some cool shots of you, getting in touch with  followers and ordering more things which will make you feel happy to spread others your happiness ! 

nothing more to add, check below my photos and see how those tshirts looks on others people via @josephamissah or @nataliaskotnicka instagram ! 

answer : Because Colombians live day by day " Carpie Diem" and they spread happiness by laugh and kind smile to others. 

" I want to be just like Joseph" - T-shirt

super cool white-blue watch. check also other colours ! 

xooxxo vuestra Poloca loca 

ps/ next post will be full of BRAZIL 2014 ! check it out soon ! 

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