Saturday, January 2, 2016

Leaving Barcelona

I am sorry for disappearing from here, from one day to another but I needed to take my time and get busy, with all myself in Barcelona, where I have experienced 6 months internship at W HOTEL.
As many of you may see that I changed my blog again, from Colombia to ' fancy pants' into life abroad. I did not like the idea of describing places, where I eat drink dance or having my life. For that we have TripAdvisor : ) 
So yea, I am back to traveling and I am about to change my location again. I've spent  amazing 6 months in Barcelona. It is absolutely amazing city full of charm, full of tourists and full of passion for life. The reason why I am in love with Barcelona is because this city never sleeps. Crowded Ramblas, where I  couldn't cross through people,  unexpected beach life, where I spent looong nights and colorful bars and clubs where I had moments of my life. 
What is more, W HOTEL, which became my second home for these last 6 months. Full time trainee position at this hotel was very tough and full of responsibilities. Additionally, I had an incredible time over there and the hotel has taught me one, very important thing, which I will remember for life " always treat your work with respect".  I am extremely happy that I could use this period of time to learn and focus ( unconsciously ) on my self- develop and because of my internship, I have understood how important is taking your job seriously and leave personal life for these 8 hours shifts. 

It’s been also an amazing journey that has taught me more about life, love and fear than any education or self-help book ever could. To build a new existence far away from everything you know and believe in is the most powerful feeling in the world.
People who have moved abroad will nod their heads in agreement.
Even for the person like I am, it is really hard to share with you the moments and thoughts from Barcelona, because it was very different from the ones I had in Poland, Colombia or in The Netherlands. Maybe its like that cause I am not back home yet and I still need to      ' digest ' some feelings about the places, people, experiences and expectations, which were and were not met yet. The thing I know for sure, that this internship has changed me in a very positive way. I became more mature and more calm, less emotional in general, which is very good and I am proud of myself. 
Also, what I know, is that I have met an amazing person, which became my friend ( friend, this word is not often in use). We were working together and she was the one who took care of me at work and not only. I am very grateful for her and I hope that it will last for long. 
She became the most important one, because of the time we shared together, however I met people for day, two or for weeks that will also stay in my heart or who gave my life lessons and I am happy to forget about them. 

For now it is going to be all, I leave my Barcelona mid of January and when I will be home, for (only) 10 days, I will write more. Just wanted to let you know, that my blog is not dead, that I will be still writing about my life abroad and that I will still motivate or prepare people for taking this hard decision to leave home, our comfort zone in order to grow up and be proud of ourselves. 

I leave you with the song : George Ezra - Barcelona

lots of L O V E 

ps. I am going back to Colombia in February :- ) 

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