Saturday, September 5, 2015

Barcelona 1

New chapter, half year for a little retreat..

As many of you know, I study in Amsterdam in Hotelschool The Hague. Part of my education is to go abroad twice, first time after the first year and second time by the end of the bachelor program.
A month ago I started new chapter of my life calls “Barcelona”, yeah in this city I haven’t lived before J. As almost everything in my life, it was spontaneous and unpredicted decision to leave Amsterdam and go there. Few weeks ago I wrote that I will go to Bangkok and start my internship over there. That was the plan, which has changed due to some circumtances. Because of  being rejected from Bangkok, I had some time to think about my life, in which everything has to be always planned, however those plans never meet my expectations. Why is that ? is it just my imagination? Is this what I have to change ? to be honest I’ve been thinking a lot about my destinations and why I am going to those places… after weeks of sleepless nights  I came to the conclusion that everything happens for  reason. I know, the phrase is old and everyone knows it, however the question is if everybody understands it ? repeat over someone this sentence is very easy, but when your plans turn into ruins ,  you start to understand what this phrase really means. Then you analyze your last moves and you see that  .. Everything happens for a reason 

As you know, my new life in Colombia started very unpredictable, fast and without planned it before. If you are new on my blog, I can shortly say that I was about to move to USA and…. I landed in Colombia J

The goal of this post is to make you see how unpredictable life is and plans we make aren’t necessary. Those plans keep us busy, keep us safe in our comfort zone then we do not worry about anything else but we stick to the plan.

What happens when suddenly our plan changes into something totally opposite ? accept it.

Everything happens for the reason… this sentence took me from Amsterdam to Barcelona for 6 months. I can say that I got tired of constantly moving, however I know that it is good for me and for my self -development. I am young, almost 21, I just started my life. However I miss one little piece- HOME. I was 15 when I moved out from my family house and now I know it was obviously too early. I was hungry for a world, I wanted to travel everywhere, never stick to one person, never stay at one place longer than 2-3 I decided to travel and do international schools around the world. In 6 years I lived in Colombia, Poland, Netherlands and besides everyday life I have been travel to Japan for 3 months, back to Colombia, back to Poland, back to everywhere where I wanted to…
I don’t regret these 6 years, however now I miss home. I miss having one base, one home, one place where I can always come back after short holidays. I know it is a bit impossible because of my career I chose, however I’ve learned how HOME plays enormous role in our lives and how planning doesn’t help in living.

So I accepted Barcelona as it is. I have a really nice-dreamed internship. I am a first contact when meetings are taking place in a hotel ( W HOTEL BARCELONA) I have  nice flat, nice roommates, I am meeting new people  and everyday is different for me. No routine, which I miss but I know its good for me to live this simple-holiday alike life. Its good to not have any routine, live the fullest and do not worry about anything.
 Last months, showed me that I should really go with the flow, take everything what they offer me, do not make any plans and do not expect anything from anyone.
So my goal for upcoming 6 months is to think a lot about myself. Take care about my health, my body, my soul- Little retreat before I will come back to Amsterdam.  I got a plan, which I will share with you in couple of weeks, now I wanna keep it for myself and start doing something to calm down, to stop follow, to become healthier and stronger.

To finish, if you will come to Barcelona one day, please do not hesitate to contact me and meet me for a coffee ! honestly saying,  two weeks ago I met one of my blog reader and it was such a funny day on the beach in Barcelona !

xx Natalia

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