Friday, June 26, 2015

motivate others, motivate yourself and spread positivity...

And it is happening. I became the most happy person the world. Remember my post about giving more from yourself and therefore you will receive double ? yes. so I am now the best example of it. Recently, I had a very bad period of time. I was very stressed, I had to work my ass off and study even more, I had to find time for my friends and therefore I couldnt combine all these things together. What happened today, I just found out that all my entire family is coming to Amsterdam for a weekend to cheer me up, to attend parents day at my university, to be with me.. The message I would like to deliver now is, that no matter what is happening there are always those amazing caring people for you.   
" even miracles take time to come.." and yeah.. In exactly few hours my 4 miracles are coming here, for me. 
Right now, I decided to not taking care of anything, which is not worth to but to take care of people and things that really matter for me. Our everyday concerns are about rubbish. We think about the things, which are the least important. Whatever you do and you feel like you cannot do it anymore- breath, take a break, think about the goods you have around you and think about your little pearls. PEARLS ? yes. they say "collect moments, not things" and so I do it. I have just few more days in Amsterdam to finish my first year and what I can say, very honest, that I wasted so much time on people and things, which were not worth it. But it was a good lesson. I feel so strong now. and it didn't come after few weeks of trying, but after  months. Today is actually the day, which made me realize all those things. You may ask how come? how can I leave the things behind and focus on the priorities ? That was my question from the past weeks, and because of today's surprise, that my parents, little sister and my brother are coming just for a 2 days to be with me, as they were really worried about me,  and  that they want to show me the love of people who care the most about me.. 

I made really nice friendships during this year, also I have my best friends in Colombia and in Poland. I have my family and I love everyone but with the different quality of love. This is the most important for me after this year:  getting to know more good people,  feel the inner happiness and spreading the smile around. When you smile, others smile. When you see tired  and sleepy people, who don't have energy anymore, please stop. tell them compliment, joke with them and believe me that you will make their day. it really works. 
For the last 3 weeks I had to make myself super busy in order to not think about my concerns, so basically I was working 18 hours daily, at school and my part time job. My body and my brain were exhausted but even then, I felt like I am the one who have to cheer others up. I was always giving everything what the best from myself to others. Everyday at my work, fine dining restaurant in Amsterdam I was treating every guest super special. I left my personal issues behind, I was smiling, running with a tray full of glasses, which weighted like 5kg. I was never thinking about the money but about giving the best out of me and make them also feel special. I am really happy and I feel unique how my parents raised me up. 
Dear Mom or Dear Dad, if you are reading this now, please accept my biggest words of being thankful of how you raised me, how you showed me the world and especially how the happiest person  I am that I know all these things what I know now.  Its only because of you both and your efford. 
And now the time, which just came now-  to pay me off all the tryings and painful moments is just priceless. The moment, when you realize that you made x number of people happy - it is the most beautiful moment. It takes time, as everything. And time is the only 'thing' you can never resit. Thats why when you feel like you didnt do enough for others, when you feel that you have to catch up with your family, friends, the moment when you feel that you want to do something for others..  - DO IT IMMEDIETALY. there is always the right moment to do it. It is never too late. forget about the stupid fights, forget about what happened in the past. Focus on yourself, focus on being good and  be a kind person. 
motivate others, motivate yourself and spread positivity. 
for everyone, enjoy your deserved holidays and all the summer. 
with the word of being grateful for all my family and friends,

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