Saturday, July 23, 2016

When you don’t get what you want, you get something better- an experience..

When you don’t get what you want, you get something better- an experience..

Recently, as you may noticed I started to write about something totally different, not about traveling, especially not about Colombia but about everyday, life or  past. I cannot say that I feel totally disconnected from Colombia, but I can say that I grow up and we grow up with every experience we have in life. To have an overview about what I would like to write today is my recent life situation, which made me thinking and made me realize that when you don’t get what you want, you get something better- an experience..

So as a student in Amsterdam I have been doing a lot and I am also very busy with a lot of small things. For the last 6 months I worked at Andaz, a 5* hotel property, which belongs to Hyatt. My work was located on Prinsengracht street, which is one of the most beautiful street in Amsterdam and my favorite one.
What happened is that they did not extend my contract, giving me very lame excuses. I was fully prepared for my conversation with my manager and I was aware of what may happen. What is more, I was happy about it and I know that this place wasn’t for me anymore.  What I need now is to be at home and enjoy my summer with my family and friends. 

Talking about an experience, my CV is changing every 6 months. Every 6 months I am looking for something new, something better, something more interesting. Every 6 months I also have different point of view and I am interested in different things. Every 6 months I also have different plans for my future and that is why I work as hard as possible, trying new things and non stop improving in different fields of life.  In general, people at my age do not really think about the future or do not take part time jobs seriously (my own observation based on my peers), however I would like to climb the latter. I realized that for me it became impossible not to climb the latter, not to work, not to being tired and not to work sometimes double shifts. I really enjoy it, I can tell everyone how tired I am and how I hate my work but by the end of a conversation I will be happy and grateful that I could manage it, that I had this patience to do that shit. If you look at my CV you can find everything- my life on 2 A4 pages. Starting with private education in Colombian high school, moving to catholic boarding school with IB program, continuing with my present Hotelschool The Hague, one of the very few best hotel schools in the world. Meeting prime minister of Japan and performing for him, being on exchange program, doing my last internship at W Barcelona and speak 4 languages. I think it’s a lot for almost 22 year old girl.
Why is that ? How come ?
I just have been pushed for what I can be very grateful to my parents.

I haven’t realized that exactly 5 years ago, the Lufthansa plane took me to Colombia, to the country, which changed my life and my perspectives forever. This plane showed me what working hard means and what is the difference between career and a job.
I started to work when I was 18 as part time waitress in Hilton Convention Center in Warsaw. It was very casual as I needed any experience before entering Hotelschool The Hague. With this first experience I learned a lot about people and their needs. With every job, especially in hospitality business you learn that but it is only up to you if you see it more broad than the other person. As a part time waitress in Andaz I thought that I am doing  my job because I have to. I was not really motivated, however my team was great. Now, when I have a moment to think about it I can say that I learned a lot about people. I can easily recognized people’ needs and wants, their frustration and business limitations. Experience I gained there is much more worth than money I got. Of course, by the very end of the month money is a very important factor as you have to pay your bills, life, feed your family if you have one and if you don’t, then you have to live in this very capitalistic life.
 I have worked in many many many places until I finally understood that I desire more than just a job. I started to desire a career, to have a mission I have to start. Everyone has one, but not everybody is aware of that. How can you find it? Listen to your deepest thoughts before sleep, during bus ride, during grocery shopping or during meditation. Take 2 minutes from 24 hours and ask yourself one question “what do I want now? “ and then follow the first answer your heart gives you. Don’t be scared, otherwise you will lose your destiny, you will lose your life.

Each of your life experience will build your future from that day on. When you start to develop- you realize that you grow up. On the other hand, if you feel that you are lost in life, I cheer you up, cause maybe you are in your place, where your life would bring you anyway.

Have a nice weekend


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