Sunday, March 9, 2014

after long time..

Hello guys,

huge come back from my side. I am really shocked how time flies. I feel like the last post on this blog was last week but… BANG it was like half year ago. I feel so ashamed, I am sorry. Now I would like to continue writting and informing you about new things. Btw, I am so happy that much more people from Poland/Europe get interested in Colombian culture and in Rotary Exchange in Colombia. You have no idea how great satisfaction it gives to me that you follow my blog, read my memories and that make people wanting to visit Colombia for long or short time. Actually last week I received en email from a guy who is about to leave on his exchange and he asked me some stuff about CO and then he told me "shame you dont continue writting cause after some posts I almost cried, you seemed to really happy there" And I was. Now my life changes. And honestly, it surprise me more and more, day by day. I though I can predict everything but I can predict nothing. People appear and leave. nothing last forever but memories do. whatever happend to me during last months I always was thinking about Colombia and my family there. whenever I start to feel weak, I take a break and think about my home there. Then I need 10seconds to get better. believe me. telling more about me.. I got accepted to my dreamed university in Amsterdam. So if i will pass my IB exams, which are in May, then I will begin my studies in August. Please, keep finger crossed for my exams, they are now the most important for me.

I have some moments, like now, that I would like to pack in small backpack and go to Colombia. immedietaly. now. but honestly.. I am scared. I am scared because I dont know what i will find and meet when i get there. if people will be the same, or maybe they changed? if they still like me by the way they did last year or not? I am really scared that all memories about places and people would be changed. Of course people change, they grow up, they are busy with different stuff. My memories are form the one particular moment. I dont know, maybe one day I will be in Colombia and I will just realize that everything has changed? I hope not. I want to keep the time. I want to see my friends and my family the same as I saw them last year. Its unbelieveable that it has been over 15 months of not seeing them. I miss them, with all my heart. On my wall " HOME IS WHENEVER I AM WITH YOU" there are still people who are one of the most important ones in my life. they are not only on  my wall but they are in my heart, There are days when I think about each person apart. then I think, i miss them and then i let them go. Being in touch is difficult, but whenever we chat with each other, I feel like nothing has changed in  our relationship.
well if somebody will see a promotions for the tickets from Europe to Colombia PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!!!! I will be so grateful.

no its time to bed, kind of late here,
I will try to think about smth interesting to write about.

la Poloca !

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