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costs. 13/08

listening Colombian songs inspired me today to write new post. I am so glad receiving all this emails you are writting to me ! it is really nice and make me more and more proud from my blog and work i did, and also push me to work harder on it :) its suuuummmeeer time!!!!!! is anybody in Colombia now?? if at least one tourist is reading it, write a comment ! i would like to hear your opinion about this country.
today i've received email from one future polish exchange student to Colombia in 2014-2015. I am so glad that another Polish girl is going to spend the best year of her life and I will promise her to be her help when she get there. according to the topic COSTS in COLOMBIA. if you compare living in Poland and in Colombia i can say that Peso Colombiano is little bit more expensive than Polish Zloty. when somebody ask me how much money its needed and how much are trips etc i cannot be really honest, cause .. (un)fortunately i didnt economize money, i tried to live there full of life, full of parties and full of goods, trips then i cannot say the minimum money you should take. At the beginning is always different. you wont go out everyday, you have to meet your new family, you have to just adaptize yourself ( what you arleady guys know i did extremely fast) every month from Rotary you should get 75$ ( its pocket money for .. "ice cream" haha ) so changing it to COP its about 150.000 Colombian Peso. but its up to the family. i got every month 100$ ( 200.000 COP) + money from my parents from Poland for trips, parties etc but if you are calm and you dont like parties.. DONT GO TO COLOMBIA. Colombia is love, kind and FIESTAS. believe me, i am not saying it as a crazy person but its honest. and i am not talking about parties as project x ( the movie well known) but parties with family, friend's family. generally on this kind of parties are invited even 100 people, so you wont be bored. at all. as i wrote before, i really was shocked when i saw all people having fun together. grandma with grandson, mother with great grandmonther etc. i think thats the most beautiful thing in Colombia's culture that everybody is just sticked together. i fall in love.
lets come back to the costs. if you wanna travel around colombia... thats the problem. officially Rotary doesnt allow to travel alone. the rules say that even host sister cannot be with host brother. together under one roof when host parents are not at home. stupid i know, somebody follows rules, somebody knows. but in the other hand its not that stupid cause i know one girl who had a huge problems with her host dad. saying truth, he was touching her. she had to change the host family and then everything was ok but its very hard to say about this situation.
my mom visited me in Colombia and we travel with one polish-colombian travel agency. they speak polish, spanish, english, german so not only polish people can go for this trips. i give you link to check the offer: http://www.kolumbia.travel/

after arriving dont think about traveling and parties, going out. the most important thing is to adapt and get on well with host family. i will repeat you guys hundret times but first days can have influence on your all year. i think this website can be useful if you wanna have somthing well organized.
WHAT IS WORTH TO SEE IN COLOMBIA? the answer is easy. everything.
AMAZON RIVER- full of mosquitos, adrenaline and crocodiles. honesty i was crying being there, i wanted my Cucuta so badly but now its the trip i remember the most. 2 districts from Colombia went there so we were like around 30 exchange students from all over the world. amazing. i got a lot of funny stories sooo one day i will write them here.
EJE CAFETERO- thats a beautiful countryside full of coffee. i went with my mom there, to the village for tourists but it wasnt commercial at all. nature, animals, coffee, sunrises.. it was really great and amazing place to relaxed and get rid of everydays problems.
CARTAGENA & Carribean island- beautiful holidays, beaches, sun, sunburns, coctails, fresh fruits, diving, swimming, tanning. these are words for that. personally i love cartagena, despite of its not that "colombian" city as others. to cartagena all americans are coming, all europenas.. Bogota as much as Cartagena become too commercial cities, of course they keep this climat and culture but its so much differente if you will visit Eje Cafetero/ my city Cucuta and then Bogota or Cartagena.

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i will put some random photos. xx

Eje cafetero- our "hotel"

 me drinking cow's milk, actually this huge bottle was for baby cow, not for me :)
 view from my balkony- Cartagena
 Hacienda Del Cafe- our relax
 Coffee park
 me milking :)
 Amazon river and .. a house :)
 my mom with Amazon girl
 fooling around my children :)
 me in Bogota, my favourite place- la candelaria
me diving- Isla Grande

 sunset in Cartagena
typical for cartagena- women with candies

my best Rotary group.

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