Friday, March 20, 2015

Colombia missing

Exactly 2 months since I came back from Colombia. And I started really miss it. 
Family. Friends. The vibe. The sun. the smile. The care. The values.

What I still develop inside me is my family value, which the oldest followers know. When I moved to Colombia I was young, European teenager, who knew everything what home and modern society was teaching. Now,  I call it ‘ the bubble’, in which most of the people still are. What is the bubble ? it’s a house, car, money, holidays, clothes, parties ..our everyday life. I thought I had perfect life because I had everything I wanted… Until I went to Colombia.. and I saw how the life really looks like and how should look like.
 Most of you probably still don’t understand how family is important in our life. I have never realized before living in Colombia that I was not used to tell people how important they are for me and how I love them. What has changed, now I cannot imagine a day without telling at least one person about his/her importance in my life. Well, the emotions and experiences I had in Colombia, created a person like I am now and believe me or not but I am very happy with myself, who I became and who I still want to develop.
 I feel like 15 years in Europe meant nothing and taught me nothing. First family parties, first people around me, first everything was just done in a very unusual way. People who have travelled or lived in Colombia may already notice the warmth of people’s heart , who say ‘ hola, como estas ? ‘ and they really mean that.  First family bdays, first xmas with my grandparents, first hearing about emotions and love -out loud- made me notice the importance of the second person (friend/boyfriend/girlfriend) or family in life. I noticed that all the material things we own mean nothing if you cannot share them with the people who really love you. In Colombia family is saint, you will always find time for them, you will call your parents everyday to check how they are, you will be for them every time. Why ? because you care, not because you have to.

Friends- to Cristina, Hugo, Pacho
In Colombia I also learned what is the real friendship. After coming back to Europe, there is no single day when I don’t think about my dearest Cristina, Hugo y Pacho and of course  every time I talk to them, I feel like we will always be for each other, no matter what I can always count on them and they can always count me. Bonding with people is very important, but we have to select them. We have to collect ‘the pearls’ instead of shells, which will never be able to open. Honestly saying, at my uni I attended 4 mindfulness classes, in which I built up my thoughts about people around me. I love people and I cannot imagine my life without them and that is why I would like to offer them as much as I can.
Pacho, Cristina, Hugo, Me- typical party at my place :)

I was thinking about taking good vibes from people, keep it for myself, develop and then spread them over. I have noticed that a lot of people feel just left alone, they are in the wrong environment and they pretend to be happy, instead of giving the best of themselves. I am not responsible for other people lives but I would like to make everyone happy, which sounds ridiculous but it is still possible. How ? by compliment them everyday, saying nice word.  The simplest example, but I can say that I am a bit proud of it happened 2 weeks ago, just before ‘ women day’ in Europe. I went out with my friend for a dinner and when we were walking back home I saw beautiful pink roses. I thought “ lets buy them and have a cozy pinky room with smell of 20 pretty roses” however when I entered to the campus I changed my mind and I decided to give all those 20 roses away to girls and see if  they will smile. Believe me or not, but there wasn’t a girl who didn’t smile and who didn’t say thank you, from the heart.
At this point I was pretty sure that I made theirs evening. And what now? I gave away many roses to the girls I have never met, now we always say Hi to each other and even sit together and have a cigarette between classes, exchanging everyday experience and just smile to each other to make our day better J
Trust me, that with the simplest thing you can make someone’s day.

You may ask yourself why am I writing this here, isn’t suppouse to be a blog about Colombia and cultural things ? well, it is actually. Because without Colombia I would never realized these beautiful things and values in myself. 
That’s why friends are for, that’s what my 3 dearest Colombians taught me all these things, by giving a small spark everyday and by showing me the smile I should give to other people.

The vibe and the smile.

Look at this picture and I don’t believe you wont smile J

the picture on your right : after almost 30 hours of travel, my biggest luggage stayed in NYC, so why not having fun at the airport as a typical Colombiana does? climbing up on this band was always my dream :))

my brother and me, Bogota, December 2014 

The values :
 Here I have to stop for now. I hope I gave you enough inspiring thoughts that you will figure them out by yourself. Mines, I will keep for myself.

Ps. Getting out of the topic,
 For summer/ late summer I have group of young 10-15 group of Polish people who will fly to Colombia. If you would like to join them, please do not hesitate to email me (you can find my email address in the right corner). The plan is to see and experience real Colombia. Low cost budget, lot of experience. It is going to be fun !!!


  1. Im feel so glad to have been part of your previous trip.