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Lotnisko Warszawa-6.08.2011
Bogota-Cucuta 6.08.2011
Cucuta-everywhere in Colombia 2012/2012/20...
From today I decided to continue this blog in English. Not because I want to improve something but for (future) exchange students from all over the world. Another reason is my friends and family in Colombia. Despide of not having lot freetime i would like to describe everything in english, for them to Understand.
As some of you could notice, this blog is about my life in Colombia, which still lasts. Maybe not for the presence but in my mind. 
Everything has started on 6august2011 when I was a the Warsaw Chopin airport saying goodbye to my parents. With thus date my life had changed Like totally ..WHOLE life. I know I was describing my year in Colombia for last 2 years but now I will start with English. I meet too many people around who are not polish and who really want to know something about Colombia. There you are !! You are most than welcome to read all this knowledge I would like to give you. Because Colombia is passion, passion for the love. <br>

According to my memories, I would like to say to everybody who was presented during my time in Colombia H U G E THANK YOU. People are amazing, they really are. Beginning with my family, friends, further friends, people who were accompanying me... To everyone. Because YOU made me love Colombia, each of you.  By the end or maybe I should mention this in the beginning ... I would like to say how grateful I am for my parents .. If you are reading this now, I can say I LOVE YOU, without you I couldn't have this opportunity to be there and fall in love with everybody there, make new friendships, and having new family and o become the most happy person in the world. <br>

So, I will go with everything from the beginning, in English , with my deeply memories. 
So if you're planning to be next exchange student, then you should save this address and read it particulary. I will give you advices how to become good host kid, how to make new friendships  and what's the most important during all your year abroad, HOW TO NOT LOOSE TIME ON YOUR EXCHANGE YEAR.  How do I know? I survived everything, from the most boring family party to the most crazy MY goodbye party, which was recorded by at least 600 people.  <br> 

Ps sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue <br>

Hasty luego!!! <br>
 Natalia Skotnicka ( la Poloca) 

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